uContext Knowledgebase answers common support questions

I recently launched the uContext knowledgebase by taking
all the common questions I get in the support system and
writing short articles about each. From the knowledgebase
you can read them any time you like. And, I’ll be adding
new articles as new topics come up.


Something that comes up a few times a week is why links
don’t show. And, most of the time is because of not enough
content and not enough keywords. I simply can’t cover all
the tips and tricks in the knowledgebase on this one topic.

However, last week I found a very interesting ebook that
shows an interesting way to find and research good keywords
in a niche. The guy that wrote it is an SEO professional
and has worked for some big companies. His experience
really shows in this guide.


He covers how to do keyword research on Adsense and
affiliate websites, but it really covers any type of blog.
Many of the other guides I’ve read are a little too vague.
Markus really shows the simple math and science of doing
it right.

As a bonus, he threw in a guide for doing local SEO keyword
research. Handy if you’re targeting a specific town or

Starting later tonight I will be putting his tips and
techniques into practice with two new websites.