Still not seeing affiliate links?

If you’re still not seeing affiliate links by now, here are a few things to check:

  • Do you have the uContext plug-in installed, activated, and configured with your API Key?
  • Are your links a color that is easily visible and contrasts the other text on the page. Consider changing your stylesheet to make the links easier to see.
  • Have you rolled your mouse over the links in your content looking for URL’s with “” in them?
  • Is your content long enough? A minimum of 300 words is recommended. Anything less and uContext will struggle to find keywords.
  • Do you even have keywords? In other words are there specific words or phrase that you use more than once throughout your content that best represent the primary topic of your blog post?
  • Are you using uContext filters and are there enough Clickbank products left related to your website’s topic to promote? Look for the bold number highlighted in yellow in the filter settings of the uContext members area for your website. Its better to start out with all products available and slowly refine your filters over time.
  • Clear your cache from the uContext plug-in settings area after you make changes to your filters. Access several pages on your website. Wait 5-10 minutes and reload those pages before looking for uContext links again.
  • To see if the plug-in communicating correctly, go to “Pages” under your website in the members area. If you don’t see pages from your website listed after activating the plug-in, visiting a few pages, and then waiting 5-10 minute before refreshing those same pages, please contact support at the link below.

After you’ve evaluated the possible problems above, please use the support area if you continue to have problems.