Getting clicks but no Clickbank sales?

You’ve got uContext installed. Links are showing up. But, you’re not getting any Clickbank sales yet? The problem is probably a combination of things.

  • Not enough traffic
  • Not enough quality of traffic
  • Not enough buying traffic
  • Your niche could be too general

There are literally thousands of ways to get traffic. We can buy it, we can trade for it, and we can optimize for it. But, there’s no doubt we need traffic to makes sales. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make sales with low traffic numbers. That’s where quality, buying traffic is important.

If we had a blog on dog training and most visitors are teenagers looking for information about Snoop Dog’s next album, that’s very poor quality traffic. You need to make sure you’re tapping into audiences that match the niche. We probably want to locate people who either just got a puppy in the last several months or people who have dogs with behavior problems.

But, we also want buying traffic. With so much free information out on the Internet, we need to focus our traffic even more. Never underestimate the impatience of a person with a problem. Present them with a quick and easy solution to their problems and they’ll most likely buy the solution instead of wasting hours search around online. In other words, we like to think these are people sitting in front of their computers with their mouse in one hand and a credit card in the other.

This leads me to the quality of your website. And, the most important factor is whether or not your niche is too general. For example, does our dog training website have several posts about the classic car we bought last weekend? How about training parrots to talk? I’d say that’s still too general and off topic.

If you stray off the main topic, don’t go too far. Perhaps dog house plans and products for cleaning up urine stains would be a better choice. See how they might relate to someone with a new puppy or someone with a dog training problem? uContext tries to do this for you with the links it creates, but it needs the content on your website to give it hints.

Is the content on your website well organized and presented in a clear and profession manner? All too often I see websites that are crammed with advertisements surrounding and injected into the content of the website. Google Adsense here and there, random banners all around, and more Adsense scattered throughout the body of the content for good measure. Stop the madness! I doubt many people spend much time on a website like that, let alone actually click ads.

To summarize, get in front of the traffic by understanding who your audience is and what they want. When they visit your website, treat them right and many will trust you enough to buy. Put yourself in their shoes.

Upgrading your uContext account lets you see reports to help you understand your audience. What keywords are they clicking most and what offers are they seeing? You can also fine tune the exact Clickbank offers to best fit your visitors.

Go to “My Account” in the uContext members area to upgrade to get reports.