Are you ready for success in 2012?

It was just about this time last year when I made the best business decision of my life.

I was burned out and frustrated with trying to make a living online without knowing where my next customer would come from. I needed a new strategy.

It was just about that time when Willie Crawford set me an email about a group that was only 3 years old. It was the “Niche Affiliate Marketing System”. But, the name threw me off. By this point, I had my fill of Internet “systems”.

But, I clicked the link and read the sales page anyway. It was from Willie after all. And, I knew he is careful about what he promotes.

What I found was not really a system at all. Instead NAMS is a group of 25+ Internet business people who have had years of success and were donating their time to help other people find success too.

Twice a year they get together in Atlanta to teach those that can make show up, and record the sessions for those who can’t. And, every week throughout the year they have “deep dive” webinars into specific topics.

For two weeks it haunted me. I kept the email and bookmarked the link. Maybe this one the thing I needed to make a positive change in my business.

As a New Year’s present to myself, I signed up. And, because I did, 2011 was a much different year than it mighthave been. My business is finally off the ground and growing.

If you’re business needs a new direction, a new strategy, or something different than a get-rich-quick system, I invite you to consider making NAMS a New Year’s gift toyourself. Make 2012 the year you find success or more of it.

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