New uContext WP plugin supports Clickbank HopAds

I’ve just released version 2.0 of the uContext WP plug-in which now has a Clickbank HopAd widget.

This is not like the other HopAd widgets. This one will auto-fill your HopAd keyword configuration with keywords from the blog post on the same page. That means every page will have a contextually targeted HopAd that actually matches the topic of your post!

To use it:

1. Log-in at

2. Go to Account Settings > HopAd Builder

3. Get your HopAd code (without keywords)

4. Log-in to your website admin area

5. Ad the uContext widget

6. Paste the HopAd code in the widget configuration

7. Click “Save”

That’s it!

To upgrade to this latest version go to Plugins in your WordPress admin area or download it here: