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What’s your 2012 New Year’s resolution?

My New Year’s resolution is to finally get published as a
best selling author of a Amazon Kindle book.

Not because is the latest and greatest thing. I’m sure
next month everyone will be talking about something
different. I want to make a serious effort to get published
because I want recurring income from something I only have
to do once.

But, I wanted to do it right because the benefits of
writing a book once and getting paid over, and over, and
over again is just too good to at least give a solid try.
Its hard to deny Amazon’s absolutely enormous marketplace.

So, I’ve started consuming every little bit of information
I could find on Kindle publishing. I bought ebooks and sat
in on every webinar I could find. Sometimes more than once.

Then I found a Kindle publishing guide that is about as
complete as I’ve ever seen.

Please ignore the hype on this sales page! The videos in
this guide are all about doing it right, the way Amazon
wants you to do it. No tricks. No shoddy PLR content.
Instead, its about how to do it quickly, easily, and
still create top-quality books that you aren’t afraid to
show off to your friends and family.

I honestly thought about keeping this guide to myself. I
didn’t want to add more competition to the Amazon
marketplace. But, I caved because I know it can really
help people that are serious, and I’m sure there is more
than enough space for you and me.

As always, I don’t promote anything I haven’t bought and
reviewed myself!

I highly recommend it…

uContext Knowledgebase answers common support questions

I recently launched the uContext knowledgebase by taking
all the common questions I get in the support system and
writing short articles about each. From the knowledgebase
you can read them any time you like. And, I’ll be adding
new articles as new topics come up.

Something that comes up a few times a week is why links
don’t show. And, most of the time is because of not enough
content and not enough keywords. I simply can’t cover all
the tips and tricks in the knowledgebase on this one topic.

However, last week I found a very interesting ebook that
shows an interesting way to find and research good keywords
in a niche. The guy that wrote it is an SEO professional
and has worked for some big companies. His experience
really shows in this guide.

He covers how to do keyword research on Adsense and
affiliate websites, but it really covers any type of blog.
Many of the other guides I’ve read are a little too vague.
Markus really shows the simple math and science of doing
it right.

As a bonus, he threw in a guide for doing local SEO keyword
research. Handy if you’re targeting a specific town or

Starting later tonight I will be putting his tips and
techniques into practice with two new websites.